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Friday, May 19, 2006

Report on Cinema Preferences

Each of us has our own preferences when we talk about movies. Some are searching for martial art and action, others for war movies or epic battles, if you recognize yourself in those descriptions it means you are the action movie type.

You are more into friendship, love and other sentimental things, then you like love movies. Funny things, misunderstandings, stupidity those are all good ingredient to have a good comedy. Don’t forget, there are also suspense movies, horror and drama who their fans.
However, it is not because we see a movie in our style that it is necessary good. Some become expert in their categories and knows how to compare movies one to another. So, before having an opinion on a movie that does not fit your tastes, you should explore other styles so that you do not have a preconceived idea.
I have my own preferences in movies and since I have always been curious, I wanted to know what were the preferences of others. So this survey is about learning what other people like in movies and seeing what some of the students from my school look for in movies.
The survey consisted of six questions: those questions were of different type. Some of them were multiple choice questions, some consisted of ordering things from favorite to less liked, there were also some open questions. The questions were:
· What is your favorite movie category?
· What movie category do you NOT like?
· Does the choice of an actor or actress influence the category of movie that you like to see?
· What is your favorite movie of all time and why did you like it so much?
· Who is your favorite actor?
· Put the following in your order of preference. 1 is for the best (your favorite)
This survey was answered by 21 different students from our school who had to access the survey through a website: http://www.englishcedblog.blogspot.com/
I was then able to compile all the date using the Surving Monkey website who specializes in survey analysis.

To the first question which was ‘What is your favorite movie category?’ most people answered comedy (52.4%), followed by romance (38.1%), suspense (33.3%), science-fiction and action (28.6%), drama (19.0%) and finally documentary (9.5%).
For second question ‘What movie category do you NOT like?’ which was the exact opposite of the first one, most respondents hated documentary and science-fiction (33.3%), followed by horror (19.0%), romance (14.3%), drama (9.5%) action (4.8%) and finally comedy (0.0%); note that 19.0% of the respondents did not have a particular type they hated more then the other.
The next question was ‘Does the choice of an actor or actress influence the category of movie that you like to see?’ to which the respondents’ answers were divided: yes (47.6%) no (52.4%).
The fourth question ‘What is your favorite movie of all time and why did you like it so much?’ offered the most answers, almost one different for each respondent, while only 2 persons did not have a favorite:

1. asterix et obelix mission cleopatre
2. saw 2 because the guy who made it is bright
3. Rudy
4. amour infini
5. humm I don’t see movie frequently
6. Coach Carter rejudi I like basketball and I really like the general subject ! Blue crush because I like the beach and surfing
7. C.R.A.Z.Y., because it’s a wonderful movie about a person who was different that other in this time and it’s a quebecois’s movie.
8. Pink floyd The Wall , because it’s the most complete movie a ever seen
9. back to the future because it’s the best movie about time rejudice.
10. I like the Little Princess
11. Coach Carter It’s a realy googd movie and I love basket-ball.
12. Every comedy because I like this
13. I don’t have a favorite movie.
14. Forrest Gump j`ADORE ce film pour l`intelligence de l’interprétation de Tom Hanks.HAROLD ET MAUDE PARCE QUE J`ADORE LA MUSIQUE DE CAT STEVENS.
15. Save the last dance because it represent the reality in different culture.
16. sorry, I really don’t know
17. Pride and rejudice ! I like it for the story but I like the old movie for the actors, and the background of the movie.
18. Matrix
19. The Lord of the Rings, cause I enjoy a lot movies about medieval war and mythical creatures.
20. Pulp Fiction, I like it because I really did liked the story and the music of the movie it’s just fabulous.

The following question ‘Who is your favorite actor?’ also offered a variety of answers even though it was a multiple choice question as the most chosen answer was other with (33.3%), after which came in order Bruce Willis (28.6%), Angelina Jolie (19.0%), Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeve (9.5%) and Denzel Washington (4.8%).
The last question ‘Put the following in your order of preference. 1 is for the best (your favorite)’ consisted of putting in order your appreciation of different countries’ movies. American films came first with 67.0% of the first positions, followed by Quebecois films at 60.0% of the second positions, European films collected 58.0% of the third positions, Asian and Middle Eastern Film were fourth with 44.0% and 47.0% and finally African films collected 83.0% of the last place.
Looking at the survey results we can easily see that comedy is the most like movie type. Which is not surprising considering that the primary function of the movie industry is to entertain its audience. The first two questions went together because they were opposite ways of looking at the same thing. Since comedy is the most liked type it is normal to think that it would also be the less disliked of the types too, which was the case when we look at the survey results. The less liked type, documentary, was also the most disliked, etc. Looking at the results we can see that those two questions went well together and did not contradict each other, they followed logic.
The influence of the actors in the movie varies from one person to the other, about half of the respondents answered that it affected their choices in film watching while the half said that it did not. Interesting thing to note, the only respondents that explained there choice were part of the group that was influenced by the actors in movies.
The favorite movie question offered the most different answers. Looking at the results we can see that almost all of the movies chosen are different, proving that everyone’s taste are their own and that even though some people like the same type of movies, they will have different favorite movies. We can also note that most of the movies chosen were recent ones at that old movies were a less frequent choice.

When we look at the result for the favorite actor question we can see that, as in the favorite movie question, the answers are very different. Even though, half of the respondents answered not being influenced by an actor presence in a film, the majority still had a favorite actor. Also the favorite individual actor chosen (Bruce Willis) is clearly associated with a style of movie (action) that was not one of the favorite film categories: showing that you may like an actor even though you did not like the movie itself very much.
Another interesting result is the one regarding the preferred film nationality. The most favored one, American film, is actually the one that is the more present, it shows that the more you see something the more it stays with you. The second one, local films, is a completely different association, you recognized yourself in your own values and that is something that brings out a certain satisfaction.

The major conclusion that comes from this survey is that every one of us sees film in a different way. Even though some people will like the same kind of movies, if you go into details we have different tastes, we all look for something different in movies and react differently to them.
Even though I anticipated at lost of diversity, I was still surprised at all the different answers I collected. This survey manage to satisfy my curiosity a bit, but it would have been interesting to interrogate even more people, of varying ages and from different places; which would really have given me a more global view of others’ preferences regarding movies.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Survey on Cinema Preferences

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